Overwinterring Coupon Giveaway!
Overwinterring Coupon Giveaway!
  • 2020.11.20
  • 4949

Hello. This is Kritika:REBOOT.

As we announced earlier, super coupon giveaway! has begun!

Preparing for the upcoming Thanksgiving and winter, make your character warm!

Korean traditional costume [Hanbok Costume Full Set] to make your character look better!

[+9 70Lv Myth gear Full Set] to increase your character's combat power!

69 [Level Up Elixir] to help your character level up quickly!

Check the coupon code on Kritika:REBOOT official page via the link below.

[Go to Kritika:REBOOT Official Page]

Coupon code will be copied as you click the code, so please use this feature!

Additional coupons are uploaded down below, so if you have not used it, now is the chance.

※ Each Coupon can only be used once per account.

※ How to redeem the coupon can be found on event page and coupon redeem page.

※ 69 [Level up Elixir], [Large Imprint Selector], [+9 Lv70 Myth gear full set box] items are untradable so please check the items carefully. (Hanbok Costume Full Set is Account bind item.) 

Jumping Coupon Rewards!: 08331220FBA6C

Advertising coupons: 0080055794A49

10 Combat Power Support Box: 1F198FB3D5C93

[Go To Redeem Page]

Pass this onto your friends! to welcome the winter together! xD