Gather Your Imagination!
Gather Your Imagination!
  • 2020.12.04
  • 1117

Hello. This is Kritika:REBOOT.

From 4th December, event that stimulates your imagination will begin!

Show us your ideas and imagination about Kritika:REBOOT!

For those of you who share fantastic idea, we will shout K-point randomly.

* Kritika:REBOOT Idea Gathering Event!

 - Event Period: After announcement is posted on 4th December ~ 13th December (PST Based)

 - Event Target : Any ideas regarding Kritika:REBOOT, such as Stage, System, Monster and many more, please share!

 - How to Participate: Please share your fantastic idea to Kritika:REBOOT email CS!

    *Email CS Address:

 - Event Reward: Maximum 5,000 K-point will be given randomly.

* Event Cautions

 - Event Participation can be done several times, but the reward will only be given once per account.

 - Please include [EVENT] in the title when you participate.

 - Email CS supports English/Korea/Japanese. Other languages may hard to be checked.

 - Ideas gathered may differ depending on the development or it may not applied.

We look forward to your interest.

Thank you.

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